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Sandarbh specializes in the design of unique, custom spaces. We pride ourselves on our ability to listen to our clients’ needs and preferences, interpret these needs, and then transform them into beautiful and comfortable spaces. Our attention to detail is key to making our projects places of 'lived art'. We strive to blend our projects with the natural features of the site. We focus on maximizing sunlight and views, protecting existing mature vegetation, and creating privacy.


Sandarbh does not have a 'signature style'. We as architects deliberately allow our clients’ tastes and desires to direct the course of our design. We strive to provide you with interactive design experience. We find that through this process our clients’ participate in a creative and thought provoking experience that results in a unique, well-crafted, and beautiful space.




A Residence for the Singhs

Designed for a site located by an orchard, Saravan (which translates to 'All Forest') is a house named after it's context. Designed for owners who were highly specific with their requirements, the house has spaces of various qualities designed specifically based on its function. Designed spaces for their collectibles, a customized room for the Ham radio, cozy rooms placed underground and multiple outdoor spaces to relax with coffee for their retired owners. 


A Penthouse in indranagar

Set within the posh neighborhood by  12th main-  Indira Nagar , luxury was one of the aspects defining the house. Spacious spaces, beautiful green terraces and rich materials forms the fabric of this penthouse on the 2nd floor of a commercial building.


A Family home

Kanan is an example of a house where the line between the garden and home is very small. Designed for a pilot for whom sleep was a premium, Kanan was designed with it's master bedroom being like a sanctuary. Step out of the house, and you feel grass under your feet. How amazing would that be!


A Residence in the mango orchard

With Mangalore tiles, balconies and terraces, when you look at Sharada, what you will see is a house that was designed to suit the context it is built it in - Horamavu  (which means 'The Mango Orchard'' in Kannada). Surrounded by Mango trees and probably composed walls which are at an angle to each other, the mango trees around and a floating wooden staircase at the center makes the structure of the house. Multiple levels, seating units, and bookshelves separate the spaces from each other.


Built in 1999, this Open- air Chapel is one of the first projects designed by Sandarbh. One of its kinds in India, this chapel is used to hold funeral services before burials. Built out of stone in within a beautiful green landscape, the chapel is a beautiful sight to look at.
Visit our office one of these days, and you can see views from this picturesque chapel on the wall behind Sai. 




A Residence in Defence Colony

One of the earlier projects designed by us, Mr.Reddy's residence is an example of rich spaces achieved within space constraints. Situated in a corner plot at in the Defense Colony, Indira Nagar, the house is one that is recognized by anyone around the locality. If they don't recognize Mr.Reddy's residence, ask about the Ganapathi on their compound wall, and everyone would have their own stories about it!



Sundaresh and Araty's Residence

A large residence, owned by two very contrasting clients who have different style preferences. At the Temple Bells, rustic and traditional elements exist in harmony with rich textures and materials. Once in a while, the house also occasionally transforms as a exhibition space for its artistic owner. 


Savita and Mohan's Residence

With multiple levels, mezzanine floors and intermediate spaces - the spaces of Kaivalya are made interesting with the interplay of light and shadows. Use of clerestory windows and large 


Located on 80 x 40 site in Koramangala, this residence was design for a client who were extremely specific about their requirements. Being aid travellers and personalities who had a lot of personal interest, Bhusan's residence was desgned keeping these different but specific requirements in mind.


This was renovation done for Capt.B.R. Vijayendra an ex -serviceman and a partner at the Ficus Pax Pvt.Ltd. Quickly done in a time span of about 2 months, this project was redesigned to bring ample lighting into the otherwise dim lit spaces. A lot of walls were modified, large openings were bought in with an intent of opening the spaces up. 


Intended to be a temporary office for the Ficus Pax Pvt. Ltd. close to their factory, the materials used for this office building are of a similar nature. it is a modular design, with the material used tubular sections of steel around cement sheets. Overtime, the owners have decided to continue working out of this space and now, 10 years later, this structure is still being used as Ficus Pax's main office. 


Renovation Project of Ahzam's Residence.

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