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Interested in working at Sandarbh? We’re always open to innovative and creative minds that can gel with our team. While we’re looking for expansion, we like to hold on to our small firm culture and the lively, informal office environment where your workspace could be anything from the corner by the window to up on the treehouse. Be it conceptualizing ideas, designs and models, executing on site or even blogs and narratives, we do it all! At Sandarbh we believe that each person has a specific role to play in the office. If you think you have these skills and will be a good fit in our team, do let us know.



There’s nothing like visualizing a space and working out the details before you even start building. And that’s exactly how we at Sandarbh go about our design processes, converting ideas into tangible spaces and 3D models. What would you call your strengths ? Whether it be sketching, SketchUp, problem solving, management or writing, we provide you with a platform to showcase  all of them here! We will be beginning with our selection process for the Summer Internship starting from April, so get ready to send your portfolios in!


Along with architecture, we as a team, enjoy pursuing other creative fields like photography, videography, graphic design etc. If you think you’re good at any of these, get in touch and we can find a way to work together.


At Sandarbh, we not only design, we also execute our projects on site. If you think you have it in you to work on site and join us in bringing our ideas to life, do apply!


     Send in your portfolios to

For further queries, you can contact:

        Sai: 9845201336

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