The built form and the written word, both have a lot in common. Some relations are more literal – the basic building blocks, the structure, certain distinctive elements. But, both go well beyond the physical and the literal -  The ultimate purpose behind designing buildings and writing prose is to invoke feelings, to lead one through space and time, to tell stories.

While our buildings tell the specific stories of our client’s, it is through our words that are able to share our stories with you. It is through our words that we are able to visualize and create narratives that drive the process. It is these words that fuel the excitement in anything and everything that we do – whether it be about the artisans and craftsmen who work with us, simple construction processes or just the spaces that we experience.

Here is a glimpse of some of these stories.

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Learning to fly

Problem solving is one aspect of professional life no one can move forward without. Be it in Business development, the world of science and more so Architecture.

Our education system does not prepare us to think and prepare ourselves that way. Our native thinking gets pushed away due to this system. Exposing ourselves to problem solving during our professional career puts us deep into the unknown. Every move we make, the result of it is taken with a pinch of salt.

There is one faction of kids that are being taught the essence and dependability on problem solving at a nascent stage. Programmes set in Schools for the blind are curated to overcome disabilities for basic functioning and progress.

Sitting across a blind kid this morning made me rather observant about his actions and movement. This was my very first encounter with My intrigued self urged to have a conversation with the kid. I just had to know how they go about creating solutions.

As conversations progressed, he pointed to his watch, opened the top glass panel. Started to feel the Braille inscriptions, indicating time. That brought a wide grin to my face. I was impressed. No matter what the adversity, we always try to find a way to make great use of whats around us. I'm hoping that I find answers in a similar fashion and set the tone for my professional career ahead.