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The built form and the written word, both have a lot in common. Some relations are more literal – the basic building blocks, the structure, certain distinctive elements. But, both go well beyond the physical and the literal -  The ultimate purpose behind designing buildings and writing prose is to invoke feelings, to lead one through space and time, to tell stories.

While our buildings tell the specific stories of our client’s, it is through our words that are able to share our stories with you. It is through our words that we are able to visualize and create narratives that drive the process. It is these words that fuel the excitement in anything and everything that we do – whether it be about the artisans and craftsmen who work with us, simple construction processes or just the spaces that we experience.

Here is a glimpse of some of these stories.

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The Magic of a Staircase!

I witnessed magic at site today.

It was magic in various forms - the magic of geometry, the smile of content carpenters, of structure, of plywood and the magic just one single day of passionate work can bring into a site!

I started my day today (which honestly feels like days back) cycling to a site of a residence, where on a flat surface, a staircase would rise up. Through the day I saw this wooden staircase which we have been planning for days slowly rise up from nothing. It was incredible to see how geometry and numbers came together in the form of a plywood structure. Every number matching and every piece of geometry meeting was a high that you could see on the faces of everybody working!

As each portion of this wooden staircase stabilized, the scaffolding holding it up, fell to the ground by itself, the impatient staircase rushing to showoff its strength. I can't describe those moments of awe I felt, when I climbed this staircase which almost felt like it was floating in air, but also standing majestic, like a thread connecting all the spaces and elements of the house together. I saw this house in a new light, with each level I crossed, changing the dynamics of the spaces dramatically.

The views of the staircase itself changed from different portions of the house, making you notice different aspects of it - of how it matched perfectly with the mezzanine staircase in the kids room, how it was visible from the driveway entering into the complex, how wooden folded plate flowed beautifully into one another, or how it formed the center of house, without taking away from its surroundings, but merging with it, creating that rhythm which was missing till it came up. At some point it felt like an incredible structure had suddenly erupted from the ground, at others, it felt like it was always there - like it was made to belong here.

Coincidentally, today was the perfect day for the staircase to come up, with the client and many family members visiting and using and testing out the staircase. The cherry on top of the cake was when the artist, ex-employee who worked on the conceptual design of this house, came see right when the staircase was up!

Can't wait to see the finishes done, and watch it being used in its full glory!

- Ananya


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